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Fake Diseases

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A disease is a legal title that grants treatment to licensed medical practitioners.

If a problem does not require medical treatment, it should not be called a disease.

Misleading names lead to misleading treatment.

This book covers the common diseases and health problems including birth defects, sexually transmitted infections, bone and joint problems, blood sugar problems, and digestion problems.

I make a case that cancer, autoimmune problems, HIV, and "the new disease" are also questionable in their definitions, explanations, and treatments.

In most cases I am not doubting the existence of health problems, I am questioning the way we think about diseases and respond to them.

Available in paperback and hardcover.

Everything the Government Does is Bad For Us

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I have two separate problems with the government.

Most of what governments do can be handled less expensively by private companies, and governments often do things that do not need to be done.

Both cases are harmful, though to much different degrees.

In this book I discuss government failures in several categories including; infrastructure, food, health, environment, business, education, and more.

Though I do not claim to have answers to all of the problems in these categories, I have some ideas for improvements.

Media and private conversations tend to attribute government failures to accidents, ignorance, arrogance, or that is was an isolated incident. Instead, I argue that these failures are a predictable response to government structure and policies.

I believe there is a better way, but to have that conversation, first we must understand that everything the government does is bad for us.

Available in paperback and hardcover.

Dr. Wallach's Cooking Without The Bad Foods

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(Presented and edited by Ryan (Notus) Aleckszander - written by Chef Norman Goodies)

I have worked in the culinary industry for well over 20 years.

When I first encountered Dr. Wallach's food recommendations, I believed it was impossible to cook that way. In the food industry, oil and gluten are ubiquitous.

Fortunately, I was wrong, and in the last two years we have recreated every dish I can think of without the forbidden ingredients.

We have gone back to the basics of cooking and we have fit Dr. Wallach's recommendations into all of the cooking methods I was taught in chef school.

I have done my best to include as many variations of traditional recipes, so this book should be able to feed a family a huge variety of healthy food that also tastes good and retains the textures we know and love.

I Did It For The Money 

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I have attempted to run several business that were more about my heart than my head.

These businesses failed.

Money must be one of the central goals in our lives, if we expect to adequately care for ourselves and our families.

If we want to make a wider difference in the world, this is even more true.

I spent much of my life in poverty, and in this book I go through my financial life story leading to my eventual success.

I have used financial principles that have existed for centuries, and you can too.

There is an extended version of this book which also includes The Richest Man in Babylon by George Clason - available on Amazon Canada and Japan only.

Extended Version Canada
Extended Version Japan


Extended version includes The Richest Man In Babylon by George Clason.

Available in Canada and Japan only.

(Note, cover design is the same for both books - extended version is not marked "extended")

Canada Japan

Nutra-smart Rebuttal: In Defense of Dr. Wallach

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Several webpages have produced anti-Wallach articles. These articles are deliberately misleading and are mostly factually incorrect. This book was written to refute these articles point by point.

Available in paperback and hardcover.

Notus: Volume One - The Early Drawings

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This volume contains over a thousand drawings from 2001-2020.

Good Morning Babylon: stories of awakening

Good Morning Babylon is a compilation of submissions to the question of what caused people to "wake up" to a new reality. The stories are from people in all walks of life.

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